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1. Canada (Forward Sortation Area Postal Centroids, 2005)

ESRI and DMTI Spatial Inc. Canada FSA Postal Centroids represents the Forward Sortation Areas (FSA) of Canada as centroids, which are identified by the first three characters... DMTI Spatial Inc.

2. Canada (Middle Cities, 2005)

DMTI Spatial Inc. and ESRI. Canada Middle Cities represents the locations of towns within Canada. The middle cities are based on the Canadian Geographic Names Database from N... DMTI Spatial Inc.

3. Canada World Gazetteer Locations, 2006

2006. ESRI. Canada World Gazetteer Locations is a point theme representing the locations and proper names for map features in Canada. The gazetteer includes at... ESRI.

4. North America (Institutions, 2009)

Tele Atlas B.V. and ESRI. Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.).

5. North America (Institutions, 2010)

Tele Atlas B.V., ESRI, and Tele Atlas North America, Inc. U.S. and Canada Institutions represents point locations within the United States and Canada for common institution landmark types including hospita... Tele Atlas North America, Inc.

6. North America (Major Cities, 2010)

Tele Atlas B.V., Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.), ESRI, and Tele Atlas North America, Inc. U.S. and Canada Major Cities represents major cities of United States and Canada including national, state, and provincial capitals. ESRI.