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1. World Administrative Units 2008

1996. ESRI. World Administrative Units represents the boundaries for the first-level administrative units of the world. ESRI.

2. World Continents 2008

1996. ESRI. World Continents represents the boundaries for the continents of the world. ESRI.

3. World Countries 2008

1996. ESRI. World Countries 2008 represents the boundaries for the countries of the world as they existed in January 2008. ESRI.

4. World Lakes 2008

1992. ESRI. World Lakes represents the major lakes and inland seas within the world. ESRI.

5. World Map Background 2008

1996. ESRI. World Map Background represents grid cells of 30 by 30 degrees that cover the world. ESRI.

6. World Regions 2008

1996. ESRI. World Regions represents the boundaries for the regions of the world. There are 25 commonly recognized world regions. ESRI.

7. World Time Zones 2008

2001. ESRI. World Time Zones represents the time zones of the world. The time zones are best displayed with World Countries or World Administrative Units. ESRI.

8. World UTM Zones 2008

1997. ESRI. World UTM Zones represents the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zones of the world. ESRI.