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1. Map of Sikkim and parts of the adjacent territories to illustrate sir R. Temple's paper

Turner, W. J. (William John). Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Boundaries of Sikkim with Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Chumbi Valley, and Bengal Province are shown. Roads and ... London : Edward Stanford, 1881.

2. Sketch map of a portion of the march of the Tal-Chótiáli Field Force from Kandahar to India in the spring of 1879 compiled from personal observation and from information obtained by Lieut. R. C. Temple B.S.C.

Turner, W. J. (William John). Routes of the second column to which Lieut. Temple was attached, of excursions made by Lieut. Temple, and of the first and third columns are shown.... London : John Murray, 1879.

3. Sketch map of the Bustar Dependency by Captn. T. Holdich R.E.

Turner, W. J. (William John). Territory of Bastar Dependency [princely state] shown in yellow. Relief shown by hachures. Includes inset map [scale ca. 1:18,330,000] showing posi... London : Edward Stanford, 1879.