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1. Физическая Карта Африки [Physical Map of Africa]

1890. In Entsiklopedicheskii Slovar, pod redaktsiei professora I. F. Andreevskago. Tom I-XLIA ... Izdateli: F. A. Brokgauz (Leiptsig) I. A. Efron. St. Pe...

2. Политическая Карта Африки [Political Map of Africa]

1890. In Entsiklopedicheskii slovar, pod redaktsiei professora I. F. Andreevskago. Tom I-XLIA ... Izdateli: F. A. Brokgauz (Leiptsig) I. A. Efron. S.-Pet...

4. A compleat map of Germany comprehending in one view the different seats of the present war, 1759.

1759. General map of Germany showing political boundaries and cities and towns. Relief shown pictorially. In: The Gentleman's Magazine for January 1759. ...

5. A map of the acting superintendency of Michigan.

1837. Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe. Color reproduction of original manuscript map. Shows reservations and agency sites in Michigan and includes table of reservation populations. Facsi...

6. A map of the countries adjacent to Carlisle, shewing the route of the rebels with their principal fords over ye Rr. Eden

1746. Smith, G. Title from cartouche. Includes inset drawing: The West prospect of Carlisle Castle. Includes index.: Original version published [London]: [Gentlema...

7. A map of the Garden of Eden, before God destroy'd it with the flood.

1737. Map showing the Garden of Eden located inside a bend of a river formed by the confluences of the Hiddekel [Tigris], Perath [Euphrates], Pison [Pish...

8. A map of the Old World, as it appeared before God destroy'd it with the waters of the flood

1736. Bowen, Emanuel. Depicts Europe, Africa, and Asia as a single landmass surrounded by a "Great Abyss." Includes outlines of present-day Europe, Africa, and Asia. "Th...

10. A map of the Surrey side the Thames: from Westminster Bridge to the Borough: with a plan for laying out the roads to Blackfryars Bridge.

1766. Includes "Explanation." Appears in: The gentleman's magazine, 1766, supplement, vol. 36, p. 601. Detached from: The gentleman's magazine, and histo...

11. A map of Upper Saxony comprehending that part of Germany which is the present seat of war.

1757. From: Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle, vol. 27, 1757. Original version published [London?], [1757]; Scale approximately 1:2,534,400.

13. A new map of England and Wales / by Thos. Jefferys, geographer, to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

1757. Map of England and Wales showing counties, cities and towns, and roads. Relief shown pictorially. Map detached from: The gentleman's magazine and h...

14. A new map of Michigan with its canals, roads & distances.

1853. Cowperthwait, Thomas. Relief shown by hachures. From: A new universal atlas. 1852 or 1853 ed. "Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1850, by Thomas, Cowpert...

15. A new map of Michigan with its canals, roads & distances

1842. Tanner, Henry Schenck. Relief shown by hachures. From Tanner, H.S.A new universal atlas. Philadelphia : Carey & Hart, 1842. No. 29. Prime meridian: Washington. "Entered a...

16. A plan of the town & fortress of Gariah belonging to Angria the admiral to the Sahou Rajah on the coast of Mallabar.

1756. Map of the fort at Vijayadurg (also known as Vijaydurg or Viziadrug, historically also known as Gariah or Gheriah) in present-day Sindhudurg distri...

17. Africa

1834. Arrowsmith, John. Pubd. Feby. 15, 1834, by J. Arrowsmith, 35 Essex Street Strand. Hand colored in outline. Relief shown by hachures. Prime meridian: Greenwich. From ...

18. Africa


19. Africa

1810. Cooper. Relief shown by hachures. "Published April 1, 1810, by R. Phillips, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London." Shows place names and names of regions/kin...

20. Africa

1804. Russell, John. Relief shown pictorially. "1804 J. Russell del. et sc." handwritten in pencil on map margin. "Engraved for the Compendious Geographical Dictionary"...

21. Africa / engraved by G.W. Boynton.

1841. Samuel G. Goodrich, George W. Boynton, and Charles D. Strong. Relief shown by hachures. Shows boundaries. Shows names of places, regions, and physical features. "Entered according to Act of Congress in the yea...

22. Africa, corrected from observations of Mess. of ye Royal Societies at London and Paris

1711. Price, Charles. Decorative title cartouche depicting animals. Dedication: To Owen Brigstocke of Lechdony in the County of Carmarthen. Shows boundaries, rivers, for...

23. Africa Population

1913. J.G. Bartholomew.

24. Africa Religions and Missions

1913. J.G. Bartholomew.

25. Africa, upon the globular projection

1764. Bowen, Emanuel. Relief shown pictorially. "Engraved for the General magazine of arts & sciences, for W. Owen at Temple Bar 1763." Prime meridian: London. Map was l...

26. Africa-Political

1922. J.G. Bartholomew.

28. Afrique


31. An accurate map of all his Majesty's dominions in Germany, with the adjacent countries.

1761. Map of northern Germany showing areas corresponding to the electorate of Hanover (also known as the electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg). Published i...

32. An accurate map of his R. H. the Duke of York's journey thro Italy in 1763 & 1764

1764. Gibson, John. Original version published [London]: Gentleman's Magazine, [1764?]; Scale approximately 1:2,300,000.

34. An improved edition of a map of the surveyed parts of the Territory of Michigan

1836. Farmer, John. Engraved by John Farmer. "Entered according to Act of Congress ... on the 4th day of July A.D. 1835." Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington. In...

35. Antwerp Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

36. Aquatorial-Afrika


37. Bangor Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

38. Bloomingdale Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

39. Carte des lacs du Canada. Dressée sur les manuscrits du depost des cartes, plans et journaux de la marine et sur le Journal du RP. de Charlevoix.

1744. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas. Relief shown pictorially and by hachures. Scales in lieues communes de France de 2282 toises, and grandes lieues de France de 2853 toises. Prime me...

40. Carte generale de l'Afrique

1828. Brué, Adrien Hubert. Relief indicated by hachures. Includes text. Paris meridian.Original version published Paris: Brue, 1828. Scale approximately 1:24,710,400.

42. Carte nouvelle de l'Amerique angloise: Contenant la Virginie, Mary-Land, Caroline, Pennsylvania, Nouvelle Iorck, N. Iarsey, N. France, et les terres nouvellement decouerte dresse sur les relations les plus nouvelles

1721. Sanson, Nicolas. Relief shown pictorially. Author attribution based on LC's cataloging of earlier variant of same title, and Cumming 129, published "chez Pierre Mor...

43. Carte pour servir a l'Histoire philosophique et politique des établissemens et du commerce des européens dans les deux Indes. dressée par M. Bonne, mtre. de mathematiques

1780. Bonne, Rigobert. Relief shown pictorially. Cartouche in upper right. Outside neat line in upper right: "Tome I." Includes inset map of southern India and Ceylon: "S...

44. Charte von Nieder Guinea und den angrenzenden laeendern Sud Afrika's. Nach den neuesten und besten hulssmitteln

1801. Reinecke, J. C. M.(Johann Christoph Matthias). Relief shown by hachures. Covers central Africa from Angola in the south to Mozambique, Zambia, and Congo in the north. In right margin: "An dieses...

45. Columbia Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

46. County of Montmorency Town 29 Range 1 East: [Michigan].

1874. Lands shaded belong to the government.: Original version published Detroit : Richmond, Backus & Co., [1874?]; Scale approximately 1:32,000.

47. Covert Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

48. Decatur Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

49. Etats-Unis de l'Amérique Septentrionale avec les isles Royale, de Terre Neuve, de St. Jean, l'Acadie & c.

1785. Delamarche, Charles François,1740-1817. Printed from same plate as Delamarche imprint but with change of publisher and addition below title of: Supplément à l'atlas de M. Robert de Vaugon...

50. Exhibit "B": [map showing the location of public schools attended by Japanese children in San Francisco, California, prior to an October 11, 1906, order by the San Francisco Board of Education, which transferred Japanese pupils to a single "Oriental School" in the burned area of the city].

1906. United States Senate.Committee on Foreign Relations. Map detached from "Message from the President of the United States, transmitting the final report of Secretary Metcalf on the situation affecting t...

51. Federal map of Detroit and environs: showing all new streets and changes (over 600) as recently passed by the Common Council, new car lines, Penn. Detroit Ry. etc.

1919. Oriented with north to the upper right. Includes Index guide to streets. Includes advertising for First Morgage Bond Company, Inc. Scale approximat...

52. Genehoa, Jaloffi, et Sierraliones regna / Joannis Janssonii.

1664. Jan Jansson. Relief shown pictorially. Map oriented with north to the left. Includes a decorative title cartouche and compass rose. Scale approximately 3,100,000.

53. Geneva Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

54. Hamilton Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

55. Hartford Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

56. Keeler Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

57. Lawrence Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

59. Map of Africa


60. Map of Almena Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

61. Map of Arlington Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

62. Map of land in the eighth ward of the city of Brooklyn belonging to the heirs of Leffert Bergen dec / Ludlam & Stuchfielde, city surveyors.

1882. Manuscript property sale map of a portion of the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, showing streets and the property lines of parcels, built on ...

63. Map of Liberia. Compiled from data on file in the office of the American Colonization Society, under the direction of the Rev. W. McLain, Sec.

1845. Coyle, Randolph,cartographer., American Colonization Society., and Edward Weber & Co.,lithographer. Relief shown by hachures. Includes inset of Vicinity of Monrovia, surveyed by J. Ashmun; 1825. Original version published Baltimore: Lith. by E. We...

64. Map of North America

1866. Mitchell, S. Augustus.

65. Map of the black lead mines &c. in Cumberland: [England].

1751. Map of a graphite mining region in the vicinity of Seathwaite ("Seawhaite"), in the North Western Fells in the Lake District. Coverage area include...

66. Map of the city of Detroit, Michigan / drawn and published by William Sauer.

1915. City street map of Detroit and portions of Hamtramck, Highland Park, and Windsor. Shows streetcar lines and ward boundaries. Oriented with north to...

67. Map of the city of Detroit, Michigan, 1904, showing wards and election districts.

1904. Map of Detroit showing boundaries of up to 9 election districts in each of 17 city wards. Also shows streets, railroads, and streetcar lines. Orien...

68. Map of the city of El Paso, Texas / compiled by E.C. Baer.

1912. Map of El Paso, Texas, showing a circle drawn to indicate a distance of 3 miles from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, regarding cases arising in El Paso fro...

69. Map of the city of Washington showing location of fatal cases of consumption for the year ended June 30, 1901.

1901. Map of central Washington, D.C, showing locations of deaths from tuberculosis ("consumption") classified by race ("white" and "colored"). Also show...

70. Map of the country embracing the route of the expedition of 1823 commanded by Major S.H. Long / engraved by R. Penny.

1825. Map of the Great Lakes and Rainy River regions and the valleys of the Minnesota River and Red River of the North, showing the route of the 1823 exp...

72. Map of the northern parts of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois with Michigan and that part of the Ouisconsin territory lying east of the Mississippi River

1836. Burr, David H. Manuscript note: "To accompany Mr. Thomas' report no. 380, on boundary of Ohio & Michigan." by David H. Burr, draughtsman to the House of Reps., 18...

74. Map of the state of Michigan and the surrounding country, exhibiting the sections and the latest surveys

1855. Farmer, John. Note. Michigan is bounded west by Lake Michigan, Menomonie River of Green Bay and Montreal River of Lake Superior. "Entered according to act of Con...

75. Map of the state of Michigan and the surrounding country, exhibiting the sections and the latest surveys / compiled from authentic sources by John Farmer; engraved by John Farmer.

1873. John Farmer. Map of Michigan showing surveyed counties, cities and towns, townships and township names, and section lines. Shows county seats, Indian villages, ...

76. Map of the states of Michigan and Wisconsin

1865. Mitchell, S. Augustus.

77. Map of the states of Ohio Indiana & Illinois and part of Michigan territory, compiled from the latest authorities

1825. Young, James Hamilton and David H. Vance. Prime meridian: Washington D.C. Includes statistical data for each state. Original version published Philadelphia by A. Finley, 1825. Scale approxi...

78. Map of the surveyed part of the territory of Michigan

1825. Risdon, Orange. Prime meridian: Washington.: Original version published [Albany, N.Y.] : [O. Risdon], 1825.; Scale 1:253,440. 4 miles to an in.

79. Map of the town of Michigan: (comprising section sixteen and portions of nine and twenty one) in the county of Ingham / surveyed by T. McCracken.

1847. McCracken, T.,surveyor. Cadastral map. Oriented with north to the right. Includes area map.: Original version published NY [New York] : Miller's Lith., [1847]; Scale 1:3,9...

80. Michigan

1831. Burr, David H.,1803-1875,cartographer. Prime meridians: Greenwich, Washington. Relief shown by hachures. Original version published New-York: D.H. Burr, 1831. Scale approximately 1:2,000...

81. Michigan

1842. Boynton, George W. Prime meridian: Washington. "Entered according to act of Congress in the year 1838, by T.G. Bradford ..." Shows county names in effect from 1840 to...

82. Michigan

1844. Morse, Sidney, E.

83. Michigan 2 [Plate CXXXVII]

1899. Royce, Charles and Cyrus Thomas.

85. Michigan, Region about Mackinac and Detroit [Plate CXXXIX]

1899. Royce, Charles and Cyrus Thomas. Michigan, Region about Mackinac and Detroit (Plate CXXXIX).

86. Michigan territory

1822. Finlayson, James. Shows portions of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Ontario. Relief shown by hachures. Title in upper margin: Geographical, statistical, and ...

88. Modern Africa


89. No. 1, plan of the old streets about London Bridge; No. 2, plan of a new street, propos'd to be built from the Royal Exchange to London Bridge.

1760. At head of title: "Gent Mag.": Original version published [London]: Gentleman's Magazine, [1760?]; Scale not given.

90. North America upon the globular projection, drawn from the latest and best authorities / by Eman. Bowen, geogr. to his late majy.

1763. Bowen, Emanuel. Relief shown pictorially. "Engraved for the General magazine of arts & sciences, for W. Owen at Temple Bar, 1763." Map was likely extracted from: V...

93. Old Pt. Royal

1785. Port Royal, Jamaica.

94. Opper-Ethiopien of 't Ryk Der Abyssinen / Jeronimo Lobo

1707. Lobo, Jerónimo and Manuel de Almeida. Relief shown by land forms. Copperplate engraving.: Original version published Leyden/Leiden: Pieter Vander Aa, [1707?] Scale approximately 1:16,00...

95. Outline Map of Van Buren County

1906. Orton, M. K.

96. Partie de l'Amérique Septent? qui comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada.

1755. Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles. Relief shown pictorially and by hachures. Prime meridian: [Ferro]. "par le Sr. Robert de Vaugondy, géog? ordinaire du roi ; C. Haussard, sculp." Cf...

97. Paw Paw Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

98. Pine Grove Township

1906. Orton, M. K.

99. Plan for settling new colonies.

1769. Map shows a plan for a town in the new American colonies.: Original version published [London] : [Gentleman's Magazine], [1769?]; Scale not given.

100. Plan of an American Country Town

1770. Hypothetical layout of a town layout in the American Colonies.