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1. A plan of the town & fortress of Gariah belonging to Angria the admiral to the Sahou Rajah on the coast of Mallabar.

1756. Map of the fort at Vijayadurg (also known as Vijaydurg or Viziadrug, historically also known as Gariah or Gheriah) in present-day Sindhudurg distri...

2. Plan de Madraz Et Du Fort St. Georges: Pris par les Franc╠žois le 21 Septembre 1746 = Grondtekening van Madras en't Fort St. Georges: door de Fransen ingenoomen den 21 September 1746

1756. van der Schley, Jacobus. Scale approximately 1:725 Date from pencil in lower left and previously assigned call number. Relief around fort and on shore shown with hachures. ...