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2. A General map of the new settlement called Transilvania.

9999. Scale approximately 1:3,000,000; 1 map; 27 x 53 cm. Maps.

3. A general plott and description of the Fennes: and surrounded grounds in the sixe counties of Norfolke, Suffolke, Cambridge, with in the Isle of Ely, Huntington, Northampton and Lincolne etc.; Amstelodami, sumptibus Henrici Hondii.

9999. Hondius, Hendrik, 1597-1651.,Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664. Appendix Atlas of the British Isles and Northern Europe.,Hondius, Hendrik, 1597-1651. Appendix Atlas of the British Isles and Northern Europe.,Vignaud, Henry, 1830-1922, former owner. Relief shown pictorially. Map is oriented with North to the right. In lower right corner, a box of text titled "Illustrissimis, magnificis, et gene...

4. A map of all Friends Meetings belonging to the yearly meeting of Rhode Island ...

9999. Alsop, John. Scale 1:633,600; 1 map; 67 x 37 cm Subjects:.

5. A map of the area in dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland.

9999. Scale approximately 1:380,160; 1 map: photocopy; 17 x 19 cm, on sheet 22 x 31 cm Boundaries.

6. A map of the inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole Province of Maryland with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina

9999. Fry, Joshua, approximately 1700-1754. Scale 1:665,280. 1 in. = 10 1/2 miles; 1 map: color; 78 x 120 cm, folded to 20 x 16 cm Virginia--Maps--Early works to 1800.

7. A map of the State of Pennsylvania

9999. Howell, Reading, 1743-1827. Scale approximately 1:295,000; 1 map: color; 96 x 163 cm Administrative and political divisions.

8. A New and accurate map of New Jersey : from the best authorities.

9999. Scale approximately 1:900,000; 1 map; 31 x 26 cm, on sheet 40 x 29 cm New Jersey--Maps--Early works to 1800.

10. A new and accurate map of the colony of Massachusets [sic] Bay in North America, from a late survey

9999. Scale approximately 1:920,000.; 1 map; 25 x 31 cm Massachusetts--Maps--Early works to 1800.

11. A New and accurate map of the province of South Carolina in North America.

9999. South Carolina--Maps--Early works to 1800.

12. A new and accurate map of the province of Virginia : in North America.

9999. Scale approximately 1:1,500,000; 1 map; 28 x 33 cm Virginia--Maps--Early works to 1800.

13. A new map of India & China : from the latest observations

9999. Senex, John, -1740. India--Maps.

14. A new map of the English Empire in the Ocean of America or West Indies

9999. Harris, John, 1667?-1719. West Indies--Maps.

15. A New map of the province of Maryland in North America.

9999. Hinton, John, -1781. Scale approximately 1:1,170,000; 1 map; 27 x 32 cm Maryland--Maps--Early works to 1800.

16. A perspective view of Lake George ; Plan of Ticonderoga.

9999. Scale not given; 2 maps on 1 sheet; 30 x 21 cm Fort Ticonderoga (N.Y.)--Maps--Early works to 1800.

17. A plan of part of Marietta : with the remains of antient works found there.

9999. Indians of North America--Ohio--Antiquities--Maps--Early works to 1800.

18. A plan of the city of New York: from an actual survey

9999. Lyne, James. Scale approximately 1:3,240; 1 map; 43 x 55 cm Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)--Maps--Early works to 1800.

19. A sketch of the Cherokee country

9999. Scale approximately 1:651,092; 1 map; 28 x 40 cm Indians of North America--Southern States--Maps.

20. A view of the city of Boston, the capital of New England, in North America

9999. Pownall, Thomas, 1722-1805. Not drawn to scale.; 1 view; 20 x 50 cm Boston (Mass.)--Aerial views--Early works to 1800.

21. Africa 1:1,000,000.

9999. Great Britain. War Office. General Staff. Topographical Section. Liberia--Maps.

22. Afrique de la mappemonde Portugaise anonyme de 1502.

9999. France. Comit des travaux historiques et scientifiques.,Mappemonde Portugaise anonyme de 1502. Trs lgrement rduite. From Bulletin de geographie historique et descriptive, v. 1, 1886. Map is opp. p. 382. Discussion of map, p. 147-160. 1 map; 8...

23. Afrique equatorle. Francse

9999. Meunier, A. Africa, West--Maps.

24. America; Gedrukt by Ioachim Bormeester const en caart verkooper inde Warmoes Straat tot Amsterdam met previlegie.

9999. Bormeester, Joachim. Relief shown pictorially. Inset of Arctic region in upper left corner. Decorative cartouche depicting indigenous people, animals and landscapes. An...

25. An Accurate map of New York in North America, from a late survey.

9999. Scale not given; 1 map; 33 x 26 cm New York (State)--Maps--Early works to 1800.

27. Bay County: land map from Bay County land office, Bay City Michigan.

9999. Tomble, Fremont J., land office manager. Includes written descriptions of Bay City and Bay County. 1 map; 48 x 34 cm This map is in the public domain. Please attribute access and use of th...

28. Bicycle road map : Caldwell, New York, to Montreal, Canada.

9999. Harper & Brothers. Scale approximately 1:500,000; 1 map; 24 x 7 cm, on sheet 31 x 22 cm Bicycle trails--New York (State)--Maps.

29. Birthplace of Washington United States Coast and Geodetic Survey; from a survey by A. Lindenkohl, 1879.

9999. U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey.,Lindenkohl, A. Title in lower right margin: Washington's birthplace. Relief shown by hachures. "Note. Location of Monument and other data added in 1897." "U.S.C. ...

30. Booklovers' map of the British Isles.

9999. Paine, Paul M. (Paul Mayo), 1869-1955, cartographer. Literary landmarks--British Isles--Maps.

31. Canals of the world

9999. George Philip & Son. Scales differ; 4 maps on 1 sheet: color; 22 x 30 cm Canals--Maps.

32. Carte administrative du Congo belge et de ses voies de communication.

9999. Flamme, Jules. Communication and traffic--Congo (Democratic Republic).

33. Carte des archipels des Iles Salomon, de la Louisiade et de la Nouvl̂ê. Bretagne. : situés à l'est de la Nouvelle Guinée

9999. Beautemps-Beaupré, Charles François, 1766-1854. Solomon Islands--Maps.

34. Carte des Indes et de la Chine : dressée sur plusieurs relations particulieres rectifiées par quelques observations

9999. L'Isle, Guillaume de, 1675-1726. Asia--Maps--Early works to 1800.

35. Carte du Bas-Congo : donnant le tracé du chemin de fer de Matadi au Stanley-Pool

9999. Wauters, A.-J. (Alphonse-Jules), 1845-1916. Railroads--Congo (Democratic Republic)--Bas-Congo--Maps.

36. Carte reduite de la Mer du Sud.

9999. Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772. Oceania--Maps--Early works to 1800.

38. Cartes du Canal de Suez

9999. Larousse, Mr. Suez Canal (Egypt)--Maps.

39. Chart of Lake Saint Clair; projected from trigonometrical surveys executed under the direction of Lt. Col. W.F. Raynolds, Corps of Engineers, & Brvt. Brig. Genl. U.S.A. in 1867 & 1868 and Major C.B. Comstock, Corps of Engineers, U.S.A. & Brt. Brig. Genl. U.S.A. in 1870 & 1871; drawn in 1873 and 1874; triangulation by Capt. F.U. Farquhar Corps of Engrs. and First Lieuts. J.F. Gregory and W.R. Livermore Corps of Engrs. and Assistants G.Y. Wisner and A.R. Flint; off shore hydrography by Lieuts. J.F. Gregory and W.R. Livermore; shore line topography & and hydrography by Lieuts. J.F. Gregory, W.R. Livermore and B.D. Green Corps of Engrs. and Assistants O.N. Chaffee, J.R. Mayer, Albert Molitor, A.C. Lamson & F.M. Towar; compilation and drawing for engraving by Assist. Edward Molitor.; Chart of Lake St. Clair

9999. U.S. Lake Survey, issuing body.,Raynolds, W. F. (William Franklin), 1820-1894, surveyor.,Comstock, C. B. (Cyrus Ballou), 1831-1910.,Farquhar, F. U. (Francis Ulric),Gregory, James F. (James Fingal), 1843-1897.,Livermore, W. R. (William Roscoe), 1843-1919.,Wisner, G. Y.,Flint, Anthony Ray, 1924-,Green, B. D.,Chaffee, O. N.,Mayer, J. R.,Molitor, Albert.,Lamson, A. C.,Towar, F. M.,Molitor, E.,United States. War Department. Corps of Engineers. Depths shown by soundings and gradient tints. Also shows lighthouses, composition of lake bottom, and shoreline land use and buildings. Includes: n...

40. Chart of the channel from the Downs to Ramsgate Harbour

9999. Ramsgate Harbour Company. Nautical charts--England--Ramsgate Region.

41. Chart of the mouth of Susquehanna River and head waters of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

9999. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, 1808-1891, cartographer. Scale 1:15,840. Scale of four in. to one mile; 1 map; 61 x 83 cm. Nautical charts--Susquehanna River Estuary.

42. Chart prepared by James B. Moore to accompany his memorial to Congress respecting the subject of steam communication with China, Japan & c, 1850.

9999. Moore, James B.,Gollmer, H., engraver. Inset: Harbour of San Francisco, California. Tables of distances. Shows distances between major ports of the world. 1 map; 71 x 96 cm. This map is ...

43. Chorographia Terrae Sanctae in angustiorem formam redacta

9999. Tirinus, Jacobus, 1580-1636. Oriented with north to the lower left. Shows distribution of the tribes. Inset: oval map of ancient Jerusalem, "Hierosolymas veteris imago." Along ...

44. Colton's township map of the state of New Jersey

9999. G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. Scale 1:475,200. 7 1/2 miles to an in.; 1 map: color; 58 x 41 cm, folded in cover 15 x 10 cm New Jersey--Maps.

45. Colton's township road map of western Connecticut : including Litchfield & Fairfield counties, and the adjoining country.

9999. Scale 1:158,400. 1 in. = 2 1/2 miles; 1 map: color; 30 x 19 in., folded, 24vo., in box Roads--Connecticut--Maps.

46. Comité National du Kivu : carte forestière

9999. Comité national du Kivu. Forests and forestry--Congo (Democratic Republic)--Kivu--Maps.

47. Congo : physique, économique et administratif

9999. Michiels, A. (Albert), 1879-. Congo (Democratic Republic)--Maps.

48. Congo Belge : Carte du district du Katanga

9999. Droogmans, Hubert. Katanga (Congo)--Maps.

49. Connecticut.

9999. J.H. Butler & Co. Connecticut--Maps.

50. Connecticut.

9999. White, J. W. Scale approximately 1:500,000; 1 map: color; 26 x 34 cm Connecticut--Maps.