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1. Accurately Located Masonry Wall Remains: Paris, 950-1797

950. Lallau, Etienne. This point shapefile contains locations of masonry wall remains in Paris based on archaeological references. These remains have been precisely loca... Analyse Diachronique de l'espace Urbain Parisien: Approche Geomatique.

2. Addresses

2007. County of Napa ITS Department. Point address locations for structures within Napa County. This layer is a view of the addresses_base layer and the roadname_tbl table. Refer to ... Napa County (Calif.). County Of Napa.

3. Airport Runways, California, 2011

2011. California. Department of Transportation. Aeronautics Program. This line shapefile represents airport runways in California. These are runways for which the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) HQ Aeronautic... California. Department of Transportation.

4. Airports, Napa County, California, 1997

This point shapefile contains locations of Airports in Napa County, California. These data were creted from extracting features labeled as "Airport...

5. Airports of the United States, 2012

2012. Geological Survey (U.S.). This point shapefile includes airports in the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The data were derived from an extract of the ... Geological Survey (U.S.).

6. Airports, San Joaquin County, California, 2015

2015. San Joaquin County (Calif.). Community Development Department. This polygon shapefile depicts airports in San Joaquin County, California. This layer is part of a collection of GIS data for San Joaquin County in... San Joaquin County (Calif.). Community Development Department.

7. Albemarle 2007 Buildings

2000. Buildings for Albemarle County, Virginia.

8. Albemarle 2007 Survey Monuments

2000. Survey monuments for Albemarle County, Virginia.

9. Albemarle 2010 Buildings

2010. Buildings in Albemarle County, Virginia.

10. Albemarle 2010 Survey Monuments

2010. Survey Monuments, including data on monument type, elevation, and descriptive location, in Albemarle County, Virginia.