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1. Bathymetric Contours for Selected Lakes: Indiana

2012. Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife. LAKE_BATHYMETRY_IDNR_IN.SHP provides bathymetric contours for the following 85 lakes in Indiana, with depths calculated from the average shoreline ...

2. Dam Inundation

2007. Office of Emergency Services. Dam Inundation maps for the State of California are required by California Government Code Section 8589.5(b). Inundation potential to cause damage... Sacramento (Calif.). Office Of Emergency Services.

3. Digital Update Unit Regions: Russian River Basin, California, 1999-2002

1999. Circuit Rider Productions. This dataset contains regions representing the domains of the digital update units from National Hydrography Data and features were selected based ... Circuit Rider Productions.

4. Estimated Percentages of Impervious Surfaces in 2001, Derived from the National Land Cover Database (NLCD 2001): Indiana

2001. United States Geological Survey. IS2001USGS_IN is a grid (30-meter cell size) showing estimated percentages of impervious surfaces in Indiana in 2001. This grid is a subset of the ...

5. FIRM Floodplains and Flood Hazard Zones: Indiana

2017. Indiana Department of Natural Resources. This polygon layer represents floodplains created from FEMA Flood Rate Insurance Maps (FIRM). The layer is symbolized to show the following flood h...

6. Ground GeoWaterbodies: Russian River, California, 1998-2002

1998. Circuit Rider Productions. This polygon shapefile depicts groundwater basins and sub-basins as defined by the California Department of Water Resources, and are designated on ... Circuit Rider Productions.

7. Groundwater

2003. Groundwater Basins for Marin County. Data was downloaded from and reprojected from NAD 27 meters. Attributes not... San Rafael (Calif.). County Of Marin.

8. Groundwater Recharge Areas, Monterey County, California, 2015

2015. Monterey County (Calif.). This polygon shapefile represents areas of groundwater recharge in Monterey County, California. This layer is part of a collection of GIS data for ... Monterey County (Calif.).

9. Historic Wetland Habitats of the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) for Indiana: Indiana

2014. United States Fish and Wildlife Service. WETLANDS_HISTORIC_NWI_USFWS_IN.SHP provides the extent and locations of historic wetland habitats in Indiana. The following is excerpted from meta...

10. Hydrographic Point Features: Russian River Basin, California, 1998-2002

1998. Circuit Rider Productions. This point shapefile represents hydrographic point features such as springs and wells. The point features were selected based on their spatial loca... Circuit Rider Productions.