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1. Betts's new map of Ireland : accurately reduced from the beautiful six sheet map engraved under the superintendence of the Railw

1800. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:633,660 (W 10⁰40ʹ--W 5⁰20ʹ /N 55⁰26ʹ--N 51⁰20ʹ) On cover: [John] Betts's road & railroad map of Ireland. 1 map : colo...

2. Carte des chemins de fer et autres voies de communication de l'empire Français

1856. Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:1,020,000 (W 7°--E 6°/N 51°--N 42°). Date on cover is 1857; date on map is 1856. 1 map : color, dissect...

3. City of Saint Paul

1922. M. J. Grindhem (Martin Johansen). Cartographic Details: Scale 1:506,880. Relief shown as hachures. Shows: administrative boundaries, roads, tracks. Date of information 1846. 2nd edi...

4. Cram's railroad & township map of Minnesota.

1877. Cram, George Franklin (1841-1928). Cartographic Details: Scale [1:1,203,840]. 19 miles to an in. Covers northern Iowa, western Wisconsin, and central and southern Minnesota between C...

5. Curtice's standard guide map of the city of St. Paul : prepared specially for R.L. Polk & Cos. city directory, 1900

1900. D. L. Curtice (David L.), 1828-1902. 1 map on 2 sheets 71 x 107 cm.

6. Duluth, Minnesota-Superior, Wisconsin

1921. McGill-Warner Co. Shows roads, street car lines, railroads and parks. Includes street index. 82 x 66 cm.

7. India, Afghanistan, Beloochistan, Burmah and Siam

1870. John Bartholomew 1831-1893. Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:12,500,000 ; (E 60°01ʹ00ʺ--E 105°10ʹ00ʺ/N 37°11ʹ00ʺ--N 5°38ʹ00ʺ). Relief shown by hachures. Shows railw...

8. India showing railways.

1919. Survey of India. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:4,055,040 ; Bonne projection Inset: Delhi -- Bombay -- Cawnpore junction -- Ceylon, etc. Shows: international and adm...

9. Map of St. Paul

1919. H.M. Smyth Printing Company (Saint Paul, Minn.). Atlas plate 69. Longitude west from Greenwich and Washington, D.C. 42 x 58 cm.

10. Map of St. Paul. Plate no. 8, Showing proposed change of river channel

1912. Fred W. Kirk. Atlas plate 77. Date of copyright registration 1875. Longitude west from Greenwich and Washington, D.C. 42 x 60 cm.