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11. A new map of North America with the West India Islands : divided according to the preliminary articles of peace, signed at Versailles, 20, Jan. 1783 ; wherein are particularly distinguished the United States and the several provinces, governments &ca. which compose the British dominions

Pownall, Thomas, 1722-1805. Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridians: Ferro and London. Insets: A particular map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay -- The passage by land to Californ... London : Printed for Robt. Sayer and Jno. Bennett, No. 53 Fleet Street ..., August 15th, 1783.

12. A view of the course of the Ganges, through the country in the dry season ; Inland navigation of the River Ganges

Rennell, James, 1742-1830. Relief shown by hachures. Includes profile: Section of the Ganges. In upper right-hand corner: No. 41. "See Rennell's memoirs of a Map of Hindoosta... [London? : s.n., 1812?].

13. Ad antiquam Indiæ geographiam tabula

Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782. Map of mainland south Asia highlighting India and lands adjacent to the Bay of Bengal. Relief shown pictorially. Inset: Ptolemaicæ Tabulæ (in parte... Norimbergæ : in Officina Weigelio-Schneideriana, 1783.

14. Afghan Frontier

John Murray (Firm). Map in pocket at end. London, J. Murrray, 1901.

15. Africa : designed to accompany Cornell's high school geography

Cornell, S. S. (Sarah S.). Relief shown by hachures. On verso: Greece, Turkey in Asia and Persia; India. New York : D. Appelton & Co. ... , c1856. Insets: Liberia; Southern p... New York : D. Appelton & Co. ... , c1855.

16. Agra and environs

John Murray (Firm). Map in pocket at end. London, J. Murrray, 1901.

17. Agra guide map

Survey of India. "Refer to this map as: 1:20,000 Agra guide map: first edition." Relief shown by 5 meter contour intervals and spot heights. Ancill... [Dehra Dun] : Survey of India, 1972.

18. Amplissimae regionis Mississipi seu provinciae Ludovicianae â R.P. Ludovico Hennepin Francisc. Miss. in America Septentrionali anno 1687 detectae, nunc Gallorum Coloniis et actionum negotiis toto orbe celeberrimae, nova tabula

Homann, Johann Baptist, 1663-1724. Shows the United States west to New Mexico, parts of Canada and Mexico, and routes of various explorers to 1716. Relief shown pictorially. "Cum pri... Norimbergae : Io. Bapt. Homanno, [ca. 1720?].

19. Asiae X tab

Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. Relief shown pictorially. Verso blank. Probably issued in: Cl. Ptolemaei Alexandrini Geographiae libri octo ... / per Gerardum Mercatorem ... Colon... [Cologne : typis Godefridi Kempensis, 1584].

20. Asiae XI. tab

Mercator, Gerhard, 1512-1594. Relief shown pictorially. Probably issued in: Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Geographiae libri octo ... Fra[n]cofurti : Jodocus Hondius excudit sibi... [Fra[n]cofurti, Jodocus Hondius excudit sibi et Cornelio Nicolai, 1605].