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1. Burmah, Siam, Anam & c

1858. Weller, Edward. Scale approximately 1:6,750,000. Map of Burma, Thailand and Malaysia, with relief shown by hachures. At head of title: The Dispatch Atlas, in a car...

2. Map of the Burman Empire: including also Siam, Cochin-China, Ton-King and Malaya. From Calcutta to Hong-Kong

1840. Wyld, James. Scale [1:7,600,000] (E 91⁰--E 112⁰/N 26⁰--N 1⁰). Relief is shown by hachures. Date from previous call number. Possibly from: A new general atlas of...

3. Birman Empire: & countries south east of the Ganges

1831. Dower, John and Henry Teesdale & Co. Scale [1:8,000,000]. "Drawn & Engraved by J. Dower ..." Numbered 28. Shows boundaries, rivers, deserts and principal settlements. Relief shown by h...

4. Birman Empire

1817. Moffat, John, Smellie, and John Thomson & Co. Scale approximately 1:3,700,000 (E 89°--E 105°/N 27°--N 8°).Relief shown by hachures and shading. Shows boundaries, rivers, woods and principal set...

5. Inde

1809. Poirson, J. B. Scale not given. Relief shown hachures ad pictorially. 22 x 25 cm.

6. Regni d'Aracan del Pegu di Siam di Camboge e di Laos

1785. Zatta, Antonio. Scale [1:9,000,000] (E 90⁰--E 115⁰/N 30⁰--N 1⁰). Relief shown pictorially. 31 x 40 cm.

7. Nieuwe kaart van India over de Ganges: of van Malakka, Siam, Cambodia, Chiampa, Kochinchina, Laos, Pegu, Ava, enz.

1750. Tirion, Isaak. Scale 1° to 15 German miles. 1° to 60 English miles. 1° to 20 French miles (E 86⁰--E 120⁰/N 28⁰--N 1⁰). Hand-coloured. Limited coverage. Probably f...

8. India quae orientalis dicitur: et insulae adiacentes

1635. Blaeu, Willem Janszoon. Scale approximately 1:20,000,000 (E 68⁰--E 137⁰/N 38⁰--S 10⁰). Coat of arms at head of dedication to Lavrentio Real from Guiljelmus Blaeu. From: To...

9. Map of the Malay Peninsula to accompany the paper of Mr. D. D. Daly, Superintendent of Public Works and Surveys, Sĕlângor, showing his surveys and explorations in the native states

Sharbau, H. (Henry). Administrative boundaries are shown. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. From: Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and monthly rec... London : Edward Stanford, 1882.

10. Map of the northern part of Perak (Malay Peninsula) from a survey by Mr. D. D. Daly, 1877

Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Routes of expeditions shown in red. From: Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and monthly reco... London : Edward Stanford, 1882.

11. Sketch map of Perak and adjacent native states to illustrate the paper by W. Barrington D'Almeida

Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. British possessions [Malacca, Tulu Saggar or False Dinding, Wellesley Province, and Pulo Penang] colored... London : John Murray, 1876.