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1. India

1890. W. & A.K. Johnston Limited. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:4,457,000 ; 700 miles to an in. (E 68⁰--E 92⁰/N 38⁰--N 2⁰). Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Two plates mou...

2. India and Pakistan 1:250,000

United States. Army Map Service. Army Map Service, Corps of Engineers,.

3. The north-west frontier of India

1893. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:1,520,640 ; 1 in. = 24 miles (E 65⁰--E 75⁰/N 37⁰--N 25⁰). Date from previous call number. Insets: The Hazara Valley a...

4. Map of the Sikh Territory : and of the protected Sikh States, in the neighbourhood of the Sutluj River

1846.  Walker, John 1786-1873, J. & C. Walker (Firm),  W.H. Allen & Co., and  East India Company. Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:300,000 ; (E 73°45'--E 76°10'/N 31°35'--N 30°20'). Relief shown by hachures. Indicates Sikh Territory, ...

5. Sketch map of the Upper Meranzai and Koorum valleys

1857. Godwin-Austen, Henry Haversham (1834-1923), H.M Smith Munneeroddeen., and India. Surveyor General. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:126,720. 1/2 inch to one mile ; (E 69°51ʹ38ʺ--E 70°47ʹ40ʺ/N 34°02ʹ55ʺ--N 33°20ʹ05ʺ). Relief shown by stipling. "Compi...

6. India : and the adjacent parts of Beluchistan, Afghanistan, Turkestan, the Chinese Empire, and Siam

1890. Edward Stanford Ltd. Cartographic Details: Scale 1:5,448,960 ; 86 English miles to 1 in. (E 65⁰--E 100⁰/N 38⁰--N 1⁰). Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Possibl...

7. Carte de l'Indoustan, Suivant les Cartes les Plus Recentes, Conciliees Avec les Relations et les Details Geographiques Inseres Dans l'Histoire Generale des Voyages

1752. Digital Social Science Center (DSSC), Columbia University Libraries and Bellin, Jacques Nicolas, 1703-1772. This is a scanned version of the 1752 paper map entitled: Carte de l'Indoustan, Suivant les Cartes les Plus Recentes, Conciliees Avec les Relations...

9. Tabula Asiae IX

1562. Girolamo Ruscelli. This is a map of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of Iran and India, 1562. apud Vincentium Valgrisium.

10. Tabula Asiae IX

1540. Sebastian Münster. This is a historical map of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and part of India, created around 1540. Heinrich Petri.