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31. Map of the Andaman Islands, illustrating the distribution of the tribes to accompany the paper by E. H. Man Esqre. & Lieutt. R. C. Temple

Man, Edward Horace, 1846-1929. Colored to show distribution of tribes. Andamanese names of tribes are given. Includes explanation of tribal names, locations, and linguistic obser... London : John Murray, 1880.

32. Map of India shewing the lines of railways, telegraphs, inland navigation and dawk routes

Map shows color coded: British Territory, native tributary and protected states, and independent states. London : John Murray, 1901.

33. A new map of North America with the West India Islands : divided according to the preliminary articles of peace, signed at Versailles, 20, Jan. 1783 ; wherein are particularly distinguished the United States and the several provinces, governments &ca. which compose the British dominions

Pownall, Thomas, 1722-1805. Relief shown pictorially. Prime meridians: Ferro and London. Insets: A particular map of Baffin and Hudson's Bay -- The passage by land to Californ... London : Printed for Robt. Sayer and Jno. Bennett, No. 53 Fleet Street ..., August 15th, 1783.

34. The west coast of South America, from Valparaiso to Lima and Panama : with the principal harbours on an enlarged scale, compiled from the latest surveys

Blachford, Robert, active 1801-1840. Relief shown by hachures; depths by soundings. "Corrected to 1846." Oriented with north toward left. Inset maps: Truxillo to Panama. -- Road of Ant... London : Published ... by R. & W. Blachford, chartsellers to the Admiralty and Hon. East India Company at their Navigation Warehouse, no. 116, Minories, 1846.

35. The West India islands

Darton, William, 1781-1854. Longitude west from Greenwich. Probably issued in: Union atlas, containing new and improved maps of all the empires, kingdoms & states in the known... London : Published ... by W. Darton, Junr., August 27th. 1811.

36. Map of the West India & Bahama islands, with the adjacent coasts of Yucatan, Honduras, Caracas, &c.

Wyld, James, 1812-1887. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. Includes: Possessions of the European powers. Probably issued in: A popular atlas of the world... London : Published by James Wyld, geographer to the Queen, Charing Cross East, 1847.

37. Preliminary map to illustrate the route of the Mount Everest Expedition, 1921 : reduced from the original map on the scale 1/253440 by Major Morshead and assistants of the Survey of India accompanying the expedition: the neighbourhood of the mountain from map II

Morshead, Henry, 1882-1931. Relief shown by spot heights. Locations of mountain peaks are shown. Route of the expedition shown in red. Also includes mountain passes, glaciers,... London : Royal Geographical Society, 1922.

38. Map of the native town of Bombay : completed to 1855

Conybeare, H. Shows: street names, principal buildings, railways, districts. Probably issued in: Transactions of the Bombay Geographical Society. London : Vacher & Sons, [1855?].

39. A general chart of South America

Becher, A. B. (Alexander Bridport), 1796-1876. Shows the coasts of South and Central America, Mexico, the West Indies and the southern United States. "527." Historic Maps copy has label on verso... London : published according to Act of Parliament at the Hydrographical Office of the Admiralty, Novr. 4th.1824.

40. Chart of the currents off the Cape of Good Hope to accompany Captn. Toynbee's paper "On the specific gravity temperature & currents of the sea," the result of a portion of five consecutive yearly voyages from England to India

George, Christopher, Captain, 1809-1877. Includes explanatory note: "The Blue contour lines represent the limits of the cold (or ice bearing current) from 40° to 50° of temperature, _the R... London : published for the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society by J. Murray, Albemarle Street, 1865.