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1. Quam hic vides orbis imagine[m] lector ca[n]dide ea[m] vt posteriore[m] ita & eme[n]datiorem ijs que hactenus circu[m]ferebantur esse America sarmatiaq[ue] ac India testantur ...

1564. Salamanca, Antonio. This is a scanned map of the world from the Historical Map Collection of Princeton University's Rare Books department. Ant. Lafreri exc.

2. India and Burma : special strategic map.

United States. Army Map Service, cartographer, issuing body. Army Map Service,.

3. India and Pakistan 1:250,000

United States. Army Map Service. Army Map Service, Corps of Engineers,.

5. Delhi reference guide map /

Bharat Graphics. Bharat Graphics,.

6. Map of Delhi, political cum road guide map /

Bharat Graphics. Bharat Graphics,.

7. A new map of the East India Isles, from the latest authorities. By John Cary engraver, 1801. London: Published by J. Cary, Engraver & Map-seller, No. 181, Strand, Decr. 21, 1801 (Raster Image)

1801. Rumsey, David, 1944- and Cary, John, ca. 1754-1835. This layer is a georeferenced image of a map of the East India Isles orignally created by J. Cary in 1801. The original map Appears in 'Cary's New ... Cartography Associates.

8. (Composite of) A map of the provinces of Delhi, Agrah, Oude, and Ellahabad comprehending the countries lying between Delhi, and the Bengal Provinces. Surveyed by Major James Rennell, Surveyor General to the Honourable East-India Company, and published by order of the court of directors of said company. By Andrew Dury, published 12th May, 1794 by Laurie & Whittle, 53, Fleet Street, London. Wm. Haydon sculpt (Raster Image)

1794. Rumsey, David, 1944-, Dury, Andrew, Rennell, James, 1742-1830, Robert Laurie & James Whittle, and Kitchin, Thomas. This layer is a georeferenced image of a map of India originally created in 1794. The original map Appears in '(A New Universal Atlas; Exhibiting a... Cartography Associates.