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1. Mapping Interstate Territorial Conflict, 1947-2000

1947. Schultz, Kenneth A. This polygon shapefile represents areas that were the subject of interstate territorial disputes between 1947 and 2000. The disputed areas referenc... Stanford Digital Repository.

2. Niman-gosenbun no ichi chikeizu, Maps Index

1947. Stanford Geospatial Center. This polygon shapefile is an index to 1:25,000 scale maps of Korea, titled '二万五千分一地形圖 - Niman-gosenbun no ichi chikeizu.’ This map series was origi... Stanford Digital Repository.

3. Southern Cameroons extracted historical administrative boundaries, 1947

1947. Map and Geospatial Information Center, Lewis Library, Princeton University. Shapefile representing historical boundaries of divisions and tribal areas in Southern Cameroons for 1947. Boundaries were extracted from a scanned...