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1181. New York, NY (Low Density Growth Management Areas, 2011)

New York (N.Y.). Department of City Planning. A Lower Density Growth Management Area is an area designated in the Zoning Resolution where new developments must provide more off-street parking, ... New York (N.Y.). Department of City Planning.

1182. North Korea (Geographic Feature Names, 2003)

National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Geographic feature names for North Korea. U.S. National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA).

1183. [Oslo] folkemengdens fordeling pr. 1-10-1948

Oslo reguleringsvesen. Generalplanavdelingen. Density of population shown by dots. Shows pre- and post-1948 city limits. Map shows inner districts data. ?. Oslo : Oslo reguleringsvesen, 1951.

1184. Pakistan, Karachi (Towns, 2006)

Interactive Research & Development. Towns (local government districts) in Karachi, Pakistan. This data so far only covers 3 of the 18 towns in Karachi.Dr. Aamir Khan, Chief Scientifi... Interactive Research and Development.

1185. Pakistan, Karachi (Union Councils, 2006)

Interactive Research & Development. Union councils (local government districts) in Karachi, Pakistan. This data so far covers only 5 of the 178 union council districts in KarachiDr. ... Interactive Research and Development.

1186. Population density (Athens)

No publisher. Hand-tinted. West Decimal Degree 23.516667. South Decimal Degree 37.794167. North Decimal Degree 38.166667. East Decimal Degree 23.86... No place : [s.n.], 19[?].

1187. Princeton Borough and Township, Mercer County, New Jersey extent of community 1777 A.D. (info. available for Borough only).

Princeton Borough and Township. Blue line copy. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University, Bureau of Urban Research, 1777[?].

1188. USA (Geographic Names Information System Populated Places, 2005)

Tele Atlas North America, Inc./Geographic Data Technology, Inc., United States Geological Survey, and ESRI. U.S. Geographic Names Information System Populated Places represents an automated inventory of the proper names and locations of physical and cultu... Tele Atlas North America, Inc./Geographic Data Technology, Inc.

1189. Vienna: administrative divisions

United States. Office of Strategic Services. Research and Analysis Branch. Shows Pre-War 1937 city limits and administrative districts as of 1944. ... [Washington, D.C.] : Office of Strategic Services, Branch of Research and Analysis, 1945.