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1. Albemarle 2007 Survey Monuments

2000. Survey monuments for Albemarle County, Virginia.

2. Albemarle 2010 Survey Monuments

2010. Survey Monuments, including data on monument type, elevation, and descriptive location, in Albemarle County, Virginia.

3. Arlington 2003 Picnic Shelters

1991. Picnic shelters for Arlington, Virginia.

4. District of Columbia 2008 AST

2000. Above ground storage tanks for Washington, DC.

5. District of Columbia 2008 Banks

2000. Banks for Washington, DC.

6. District of Columbia 2008 Miscellaneous Structures

2000. Miscellaneous structures (planters, statues, benches, etc) for Washington, DC.

7. District of Columbia 2008 Recreational Facilites

2000. Recreational facilities for Washington, DC.

8. District of Columbia 2008 Roof Elevations

2000. Roof elevations for Washington, DC.

9. Fairfax 2006 School Facilities

2008. School facilities for Fairfax County, Virginia.

10. Fairfax 2006 Schools

2008. Schools for Fairfax County, Virginia.