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1. Canada Postal Points, 2008

2008. Tele Atlas (Firm : U.S.) and Economic and Social Research Institute. Canada Postal Points is a point theme representing the centroids of the three-character Forward Sortation Areas (FSA) of Canada. ESRI.

2. Europe Places, 2008

2008. AND International Publishers N.V. and ESRI. Europe Places is a point theme representing populated places in Europe. Attribute information includes the type, connection level, name, code, pop... ESRI.

3. United States Cities and Towns, 2008

2008. National Atlas of the United States and the United States Geological Survey and ESRI. United States Cities and Towns is a point theme representing cities and towns in the United States. Attribute information includes the name of the... ESRI.

4. United States Major Cities, 2008

2008. ESRI. United States Major Cities is a point theme representing locations for cities within United States with populations of 10,000 or greater (based on ... ESRI.