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31. The world on Mercator's projection.

1823. Tanner, Henry Schenck, 1786-1858. In Tanner's A new American atlas, containing maps of the several states of the North American union. Philadelphia, 1823. 1 map. 18 x 22 in. This ma...

32. Wassende graade Kaart van alle bekende zeekusten op den geheelen aardbodem: door voogt geogmetra; by Johannes van Keulen.

1695. Vooght, Claes Janszoon, -1696.,Keulen, Gerard van.,Picard, Pieter, 1670-1737, engraver.,Keulen, Johannes van, 1654-1715. Prime meridian: [Ferro]. 1 map: col.; 51 x 60 cm. This map is in the public domain. Please attribute access and use of this digitized map to the St...