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1. India, Mumbai (Green Space, 2007)

ML Infomap. Green spaces in Mumbai, India, including parks, gardens, temples, and other open areas. ML Infomap.

2. India, Mumbai (Land, 2007)

ML Infomap. Land area of Mumbai, India. ML Infomap.

3. India, Mumbai (Sea area, 2007)

ML Infomap. Sea area off the coast of Mumbai, India. ML Infomap.

4. India, Mumbai (Surface Water, 2007)

ML Infomap. Surface water in Mumbai, India. ML Infomap.

5. India, Mumbai (Ward Census Data, 2001)

ML Infomap. Census wards for Mumbai, India. ML Infomap.

6. India, Mumbai (Ward Census Data, 2011)

Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India and ML INFOMAP PRIVATE LIMITED. This layer shows the ward boundaries in Mumbai (city in Maharashtra, India) in 2011. It includes demographic and socio-economic data. ML Infomap.