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1. Europe (Electric Power Transmission System Operator Zones, 2009)

Platts. The Platts Transmission Zones geospatial data layer contains polygon objects representing the geographic service areas of electric power transmissi... Platts.

2. Europe (Electricity Distribution Network, 2010)

Platts. Polygon layer representing geographical area served by a low voltage electricity distribution network operated by a distinct distribution network o... Platts.

3. Europe (Gas Compressor Stations, 2010)

Platts. Platts Gas Compressor Station geospatial layer contains point objects representing gas compressor stations on European gas transport networks. Platts.

4. Europe (Gas Facilities, 2010)

Platts. Platts Gas Facilities geospatial layer contains point objects representing miscellaneous gas facilities, including metering points, receipt/deliver... Platts.

5. Europe (Gas Interconnections, 2010)

Platts. Platts Gas Interconnection Points geospatial layer contains point objects representing the cross-border points on international natural gas pipelines. Platts.

6. Europe (Gas Production Regions, 2009)

Platts. The Platts Gas Production Regions geospatial layer features polygons representing geographic areas where natural gas is present and prodcution well... Platts.

7. Europe (Gas Storage Facilities, 2010)

Platts. Platts Gas Storage geospatial layer contains point objects representing gas storage facilities in Europe. Platts.

8. Europe ((LNG) Liquefied Natural Gas Import Export Terminals, 2010)

Platts. Platts LNG Terminal geospatial layer contains point objects representing liquefied natural gas import and export terminals in Europe and the Medite... Platts.

9. Europe (Natural Gas Pipelines, 2010)

Platts. The Platts Natural Gas Pipelines geospatial data layer contains polyline features representing natural gas transmission pipelines in Europe. These ... Platts.

10. Europe (Power Plants, 2010)

Platts. The Platts Generating Stations geospatial data layer contains point features representing power generating facilities in Europe. Although a power ... Platts.

11. Mapping Interstate Territorial Conflict, 1947-2000

1947. Schultz, Kenneth A. This polygon shapefile represents areas that were the subject of interstate territorial disputes between 1947 and 2000. The disputed areas referenc... Stanford Digital Repository.