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1. The Caribbean, 1990

1990. Central Intelligence Agency. This is a map of the Caribbean, shown at a 1:18,000,000 scale. The map was created by the Central Intelligence Agency. Central Intelligence Agency.

2. Haiti Administrative Boundaries Level 1, 2006

2006. ESRI. Haiti Administrative Boundaries Level 1 is a polygon theme representing the boundaries for the first-level administrative units of Haiti. ESRI.

3. Haiti World Gazetteer Locations, 2006

2006. ESRI. Haiti World Gazetteer Locations is a point theme representing the locations and proper names for map features in Haiti. The gazetteer includes attr... ESRI.

4. North American Countries, 2014

1991. Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.). This polygon shapefile contains the boundaries for Canada, Mexico, Greenland, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, the Bahamas and Jamaica. This la... Environmental Systems Research Institute (Redlands, Calif.).

5. Dominican Rep. & Haiti, scale 1:400,000/350,000 /

International Travel Maps (Firm), cartographer, compiler. ITMB Pub.,.

6. The Môle of St. Nicolas, in the Island of Haiti

Owen, Richard, Commander. Relief shown by hachures. Depths shown by soundings. "467.". London : Published according to Act of Parliament at the Hydrographical Office of the Admiralty, May 2nd, 1831.

7. Esquisse Geologique de la Republique D'Haiti

Woodring, W. P. (Wendell Phillips), 1891-1983. Republique D'Haiti, Service Geologique,.

8. Mapping Interstate Territorial Conflict, 1947-2000

1947. Schultz, Kenneth A. This polygon shapefile represents areas that were the subject of interstate territorial disputes between 1947 and 2000. The disputed areas referenc... Stanford Digital Repository.

9. GAR15 Global Exposure Dataset for Haiti

2015. Global Resource Information Database and United Nations. Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. This point shapefile includes estimation on the economic value of the exposed assets in Haiti as well as their physical characteristics in urban an... United Nations. Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.

10. Haiti (Geographic Feature Names, 2003)

United States. National Imagery and Mapping Agency. Geographic feature names for Haiti. United States. National Imagery and Mapping Agency.