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1. 1929 road map Indiana

1929. Issued by the State Automobile Insurance Association. Includes place name index on recto. Advertisements and 'Section of transcontinental highway m...

2. 1936-37 map and business directory of Angola

1936. Includes street index and business directory of Angola, Ind. around the maps. Scale approximately 1:8,800.

3. 1937 map of La Porte County, Indiana

1936. Kelley, John A., C.E., cartographer. Complements of John A. Kelley, Democratic candidate for Surveyor. Scale approximately 1:120,000.

4. 1969 traffic map, state of Indiana: 24 hour annual average total traffic

1969. Insets: Indianapolis -- [New Albany area]. Scale approximately 1:650,000. Prepared by the Division of Planning, Indiana State Highway Commission in...

5. [1970 census enumeration district and census tract map of Monroe County, Indiana].

1970. Title supplied by cataloger.; Blue line print.; Base map: General Highway and transportation map, Monroe County, Indiana / prepared by the Indiana ...

6. 32,000 to vote in 29 precincts here: [Bloomington, Ind.].

1966. From Daily Herald-Telephone, Bloomington, Indiana, November 4, 1966.; Map shows voting precincts inside the City of Bloomington, Indiana, and inclu...

7. 7th congressional district of Indiana, 1972.

1972. Boundaries of 7th Congressional District of Indiana in 1972 drawn on a copy of Counties and townships map, p. 10 of Kingsbury, Robert C., An atlas ...

8. A bird's eye view of one of the new communities at Harmony in the State of Indiana, North America,: an association of two thousand persons formed upon the principles advocated by Robert Owen.

1825. Whitwell, Stedman, cartographer. Facsimile.; Reproduced ... from the original in the Library of Congress.; This is number 15 of an edition limited to 500 copies.; Perspective map. ...

9. A map of Bloomington & Monroe County, Indiana: including Ellettsville & Indiana University

1989. Includes text, indexes, advertisement, and 10 indexed ancillary subdivision maps. Scales differ. Spectrum; presented by Bank One and Greater Bloomi...

10. A map of Fort Wayne about 1812: showing also certain earlier happenings

1933. Brainard, Noble E., cartographer. The area included on the map is about 2 1/2 miles from east to west & 1 7/8 miles north to south.; Includes illustrations and text on the map and a...

11. A map of Indiana showing its history, points of interest, and the holdings of the Indiana Dept. of Conservation

1954. Carter, Lee (Cartographer). Pictorial map. Cited in LC's Trails bibliography, no. 111. Scale 1:600,000. Lee Carter, cartographer, 1932.

12. A map of the counties of Franklin, Union, Fayette and Wayne showing the location of sections and collecting localities and the boundary between the Ordovician and Silurian systems.

1907. Foerste, Aug. F. (Aug. Frederic),1862-1936. Detached from: The stratigraphy and paleontology of the Cincinnati series of Indiana / E.R. Cumings. In 32nd Annual report of the Indiana Departmen...

14. A new map of Indiana: exhibiting the counties, townships, cities, villages, and post offices, rail roads, canals, and common roads.

1854. Mendenhall, Edward, cartographer. Prime meridian: Washington.; Includes table of population by county. Scale approximately 1:1,013,760.

15. A new map of Indiana with its roads & distances.

1846. Mitchell, S. Augustus(Samuel Augustus), 1792-1868, cartographer. Detached from: A new universal atlas / S.A. Mitchell, Philadelphia ; 1847; No. 30.; Prime meridian: Washington.; Hand coloured.; Decorative border....

16. Abandoned railroads of Indiana.

1960. Pen and ink.; Base map: Geological Survey (U.S.). State of Indiana, Scale 1:500,000, Washington, D.C., 1950. Scale approximately 1:2,027,520.

17. Ancient shorelines of southwestern Lake Michigan

2000. Thompson, Todd A.(Todd Alan), 1959-cartographer. Includes ill., text, graphs showing Lake-level fluctuations over the past 4,700 years and a timeline showing historical events since 1166 B.C. tied...

18. Angola, Indiana

1946. Gilbert, Don,City Engr. Includes indexed list of points of interest, map of Steuben County, Indiana and ill. Scale not given. Don Gilbert.

19. Area map: Nashville and park entrance.

1970. Blue line print.; Shows corporate limits of Nashville Indiana, roads, some buildings, Salt Creek, the north entrance to Brown County State Park and...

20. Areas of sinkholes and sinking-stream basins with locations of cave openings and springs in Central Southern Indiana

2002. Powell, Richard L., cartographer. This map data was compiled in 1997 from information available at the time, but was unpublished until 2002; the map does not reflect any changes in ...

21. Asher & Adams' Ohio & Indiana.

1872. Detached from an atlas, no. 59-60. Scale 1:1,267,200. 20 miles to an inch.

22. Average annual precipitation in inches.

1970. Kingsbury, Robert C. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, page 26. Computer generated isometric map obtained through use of the facilities of Indiana U...

23. Average annual snowfall in inches.

1970. Kingsbury, Robert C. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, page 28. Computer generated isometric maps obtained through use of the facilities of Indiana ...

24. Average January temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

1970. Kingsbury, Robert C. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, page 25. Computer generated isometric maps obtained through use of the facilities of Indiana ...

25. Bartholomew County

1911. Shows roads and railroads. Detached from: Soil survey of Bartholomew County / E.J. Quinn. In 36th Annual report of Department of Geology and Natura...

26. Bartholomew County, Indiana

1978. Black line print. 'Advance composite, subject to correction.' '1978.' Scale 1:100,000; Universal transverse Mercator United States, Department of t...

27. Bartholomew County [Indiana] preliminary land use map

1941. Includes chart showing type of land use, acreage, and recommended use. Scale not given.

28. Base map of Monroe County, Indiana

1968. Moran, W. H. (William H.) and Heisterkamp, A. J. Blue line map. 'May 1, 1951, revised January 1, 1968.' Shows township and range numbers, section boundaries without numbers, State and National For...

29. Bedrock geology

1970. Kingsbury, Robert C. and Hollingsworth, John M. Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C. Atlas of Indiana, page 17. Scale approximately 2,150,000.

30. Bicycle & driving map of Indianapolis

1899. Dessecker, Fred and Sandstrom, Theo. Scale approximately 1:20,750. Fred Dessecker & Theo. Sandstrom.

31. Bicycle map, City of Bloomington /prepared by the Bloomington Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Commission.

1998. Bloomington Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Commission (Bloomington, Ind.). Fall 1998--Panel.; Includes list of agencies to contact for further information and area bicycle shops.; On verso: Downtown Bloomington bicycle map...

32. Bird's eye view of the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana 1868

1981. Ruger, A., cartographer. Bird's-eye view.; Facsimile.; Includes illustrations and index to points of interest. Scale not given.

33. Bloomington, [Indiana].

1980. Blue line map.; Shows main roads and corporate boundaries. Scale approximately 1:40,000.

34. Bloomington, Indiana

1977. Scale approximately 1:24,000.

35. [Bloomington, Indiana, cadastral map].

1980. Blue line print.; Cadastral map.; Title supplied by cataloger.; Each sheet is 1/4 section. Scale approximately 1,200.

36. Bloomington, Indiana, land utilization of ten blocks.

1950. Shows the area from the Monon Railroad on the west to Grant Street on the east, and from Fifth Street on the north to Third Street on the South.; P...

37. Bloomington, [Indiana] metropolitan map series

1980. Blue line print.; 1020.; 1980 census map.; Shows census blocks for portions of Monroe County, Indiana, including Bloomington, Ellettsville, and Sti...

38. Bloomington land use, 1978.

1978. Shows the area from Morton Street on the west to Lincoln Street on the east, and Eighth Street on the north and Fourth Street on the South.; Pen-an...

39. Bloomington map, downtown Bloomington & Indiana University.

2002. Includes distance map on map panel and indexes for the Bloomington and Indiana University, Bloomington campus maps. 'Breakaway to Bloomington, Indi...

40. Bloomington, Monroe Co., Indiana

1970. Blue line print. Shows 1970 census enumeration districts and census tracts for Bloomington, Ind. 'Traced from map no. 68-A-8776.' '70-02132, Bloomi...

41. Boone County, Indiana

1936. Martin, Chas. Cadastral map showing landowners. Scale not given. Drawn by Chas. Martin.

42. Bridgman's new sectional and township map of Indiana from the latest official and other authentic sources for school, library or office

1894. Bridgman, E. C. Shows counties, townships, sections and railroads. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington. Includes 'Geological map of Indiana'; List of territo...

43. Brown County Soil Conservation District: [Indiana]

1953. The District includes all of Brown County.; 6-1-53, 3-N-34,465. Scale approximately 1:140,000].

44. Brown County soil map

1907. Shows railroads, dirt roads, improved roads, and schools. Detached from: Soil survey of Monroe, Brown, Lawrence, Martin, Orange, Washington, and Ja...

45. Calumet Region of Lake Co., Indiana

1906. Blueprint. Cadastral map showing landowners. Scale 1:19,800. 1 foot = 300 chs. Prepared from the official records by F.L. Knight & Sons.

46. Campus guide. /Designed and edited by Indiana University Publications, Indiana University Bloomington.

1976. Indiana University Publications (Firm). Indexed.; Text, illustrations, and map of Bloomington, Indiana on verso.

47. Cattle and calves distribution, 1964 /by Robert C. Kingsbury ; with contributions from John M. Hollingsworth and others.

1970. Includes ancillary computer generated isopleth map Cattle and calves: number per 1,000 acres of cropland, 1964.; Detached from: Kingsbury, Robert C...

48. Central Indiana Power Company subsidiaries

1927. Shows electric transmission lines and electric interurban railway lines of the Central Indiana Power Company. Scale approximately 1:1,250,000.

49. Chart of the Indiana coal field :to accompany the supplementary report on the coal of Indiana, by George H. Ashley /prepared by Edwin F. Lines ; in cooperation with the United States Geological Survey.

1909. Includes three statistical tables: Table of commercial coal mines -- Summary of coal by counties -- Composition of Indiana coal.; Detached from: Su...

50. Cities Service road map of Indiana

1931. Includes place name index on recto.; Great Lakes mileage chart, Road map of east central United States, and ancillary maps of Indianapolis, Ind., E...