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1. Coromandel, Janvier 1753

1786. Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' Anville 1697-1782, Guillaume Nicolas Delahaye 1727-1802, and Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' Anville 1697-1782. Cartographic Details: Scale [1:769,944]. Map of the Coromandel coast in India (i.e. its lower eastern coast) extending from Paliacate [i.e. Pulicat...

2. A map of Bengal, Bahar, Oude & Allahabad : with part of Agra and Delhi, exhibiting the course of the Ganges from Hurdwar to the

1786. James Rennell 1742-1830 and William Faden 1749-1836. Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:1,500,000. Pictorial relief. Dedicated to John Stables. color map ; 72 x 106 cm.

3. A compleat map of the East Indies : exhibiting the English territorial acquisitions

1786. Dunn, Samuel (-1794). Cartographic Details: Scale approximately 1:14,000,000 (E 58°--E 118°/N 36°--N 00°) Map of South East Asia and India. Relief shown pictorially. Pri...