Land utilization map Ann Arbor school district no. 1 for 1880.

Scale 1 inch = 600 feet, which has been crossed out on the map is inaccurate. Shows the location of schools, parks and playgrounds, cemeteries, the University of Michigan, churches, and public buildings. Also shows boundaries, roads, railroads, and street car lines. Dispicts land use categories of rural or unoccupied areas, residential areas, rooming house areas, commerical areas, and industral areas. "Catalogued Land utilization" and "Ann Arbor, 1880" written in pencil on the bottom left corner of map. 1 map; 46 x 42 cm This map is in the public domain. Please attribute access and use of this digitized map to the Stephen S. Clark Library, University of Michigan Library.
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Ann Arbor Township, Michigan, United States and Michigan, United States
Land use, Schools, and School districts
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