Orcadum et Schetlandiae insularum accuratissima descriptio; Amstelodami, sumptibus Henrici Hondij.; Orcadvm et Schetlandiae insvlarvm accuratissima descriptio

Relief shown pictorially. Title cartouche has fish hanging from it. In the top left corner is Scotland's coat of arms (a lion) with a unicorn on either side and two flags. Numerous fishing ships dot the oceans. This state was published in atlases by Jan Jansson and Henricus Hondius in 1636 and 1637. From the Appendix Atlas of the British Isles and Northern Europe, title created to represent a unique collection within the Clark Library, University of Michigan. 2 maps on 1 sheet: 45 x 55 cm. This map is in the public domain. Please attribute access and use of this digitized map to the Stephen S. Clark Library, University of Michigan Library.
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Scotland, United Kingdom
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