Global 30 Arc-Second Elevation Index Map

This shapefile layer serves as an index map for individual sheets in the Global 30 Arc-Second Elevation map series. These maps are comprise a digital elevation model (DEM) that offers global coverage at 30-arc seconds, or approximately 1 kilometer pixel spacing. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) originally published the model after deriving content from eight raster and vector sources comprising Digital Terrain Elevation Data, Digital Chart of the World, USGS 1-Degree DEMs, Army Map Service Maps, International Map of the World, Peru Map, New Zealand DEM, and the Antarctic Digital Database. In addition to electronic archiving, Eastview Cartographic, Inc. has completed data conversion and verification services. Another version of this data is available directly from the US Geological Survey at See the documentation for details on the data.
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Digital elevation models, Topographic maps, and Elevation
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