LandScan 2004 Global Population Database

This raster dataset contains population counts at 30 arc second resolution (1 km. or finer) for 2004. LandScan integrates daytime movements and collective travel habits into a single measure to produce a better representation of where people are located during an average day. This release represents the 2004 edition of LandScan and succeeds all previous versions. Using an innovative approach with Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing, Oak Ridge National Laboratory's LandScan is the community standard for global population distribution. At approximately 1 km resolution (30" X 30"), LandScan is the finest resolution global population distribution data available and represents an ambient population (average over 24 hours). The LandScan algorithm uses spatial data and imagery analysis technologies and a multi-variable dasymetric modeling approach to disaggregate census counts within an administrative boundary. Since no single population distribution model can account for the differences in spatial data availability, quality, scale, and accuracy as well as the differences in cultural settlement practices. This dataset is part of the LandScan global population database and is developed for the U. S. Department of Defense. The dataset allows for quick and easy assessment, estimation, and visualization of populations-at-risk. For the most current documentation and methodology, visit
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LandScan Global Population Database
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