Random Sample of Registered Voters for New York State, 2019

This point shapefile represents locations of registered voters in New York State as of February 27, 2019 and includes a range of variables, including voter registration, preference, participation, demographic attributes, and more. This file is a random sample of the 11 million-plus registered voters in New York state and is meant to provide context for the layout and contents of the L2 Political Academic Voter File, which NYU Libraries licenses. Note that identifying information from the original file has been suppressed, and the location of the voters has been jittered to protect the identity of each person. NYU students, faculty, and staff who are interested in accessing L2 Political’s voter file in its original form should visit https://guides.nyu.edu/l2political or reference the documentation. Also note that many variables on consumer preferences, ethinic identity, religious affiliation, and language have been modeled and inserted into the Data by L2 Political; users are advised to consult the documentation for methodology. This file is intended to facilitate discovery and provide context for users. It was sampled, cleaned, and formatted by staff at NYU Data Services.
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L2 Political Academic Voter File
New York State, New York, United States
Elections and Voting
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