Agra guide map

Survey of India. "Refer to this map as: 1:20,000 Agra guide map: first edition." Relief shown by 5 meter contour intervals and spot heights. Ancilliary maps: "Bus routes" (1:60,000); "Fatehpur Sikri" (1:10,000);" "See Agra" (1:60,000. Places of interest are listed and located. Surveyed 1970-71. Published under the direction of Dr. Hari Narain, M.Sc., D.Phil., Ph.D., Surveyor General of India. In lower left margin: "Reg. No. 4356 HD'73 (D.O.2-1:13,333)-5109'75.
[Dehra Dun] : Survey of India, 1972.
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