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Amplissimae regionis Mississipi seu provinciae Ludovicianae â R.P. Ludovico Hennepin Francisc. Miss. in America Septentrionali anno 1687 detectae, nunc Gallorum Coloniis et actionum negotiis toto orbe celeberrimae, nova tabula

Shows the United States west to New Mexico, parts of Canada and Mexico, and routes of various explorers to 1716. Relief shown pictorially. "Cum privilegio Sac. Cæs. Maj." Some text in French. Includes views of Niagara Falls, Father Louis Hennepin and the Buffalo. Has insignae of Ins. Gall. Societatis Indiae Occidentalis.
Norimbergae : Io. Bapt. Homanno, [ca. 1720?]
United States, Louisiana, and Mississippi River
Louisiana—Maps—Early works to 1800, Mississippi River Valley—Maps—Early works to 1800, and United States—Maps—Early works to 1800
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