Preliminary map to illustrate the route of the Mount Everest Expedition, 1921 : reduced from the original map on the scale 1/253440 by Major Morshead and assistants of the Survey of India accompanying the expedition: the neighbourhood of the mountain from map II

Relief shown by spot heights. Locations of mountain peaks are shown. Route of the expedition shown in red. Also includes mountain passes, glaciers, drainage, settlements, and boundary of Sikkim. From: Geographical Journal. Vol. 59, no. 2 (Feb. 1922), pp. 81-112, 131-137; held in Firestone Library. Call number: G7 .J6874
London : Royal Geographical Society, 1922.
Himalaya Mountains
Mount Everest Expedition, Everest, Mount (China and Nepal)—Description and travel, and Everest, Mount (China and Nepal)—Maps
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