New York City United Hospital Fund Neighborhoods (42), 2009

New York City United Hospital Fund (UHF) Neighborhoods (42) is a polygon theme representing the 42 UHF Neighborhoods in New York City United Hospital Fund (UHF) areas (42) are included in this file. These are aggregated boundaries based off of the ZIP_Code_Areas_w_UHF_DOHMH_2009B.shp file. NOTE: If comparing to older, UHF / ZIP level analysis, areas may not match exactly due to ZIP code shifts over time. The ZIP codes in this file were revised off of NYC DCP 2004 LION street centerline data, UHF / ZIP code match comparison information was compiled by DOHMH in 2006. Deviations in boundaries as compared to other, existing datasets are due to these factors and should be considered accordingly. This data should be treated as work in progress, DRAFT condition.
New York (N.Y.), Brooklyn (New York, N.Y.)), Bronx (New York, N.Y.), Queens (New York, N.Y.), Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)., Staten Island (New York, N.Y, and NYC
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