Pond Locations: San Francisco Bay Area, California 2011

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This point shapefile depicts pond location data for the nine county San Francisco Bay Area Region, California compiled from the National Wetlands Inventory (NWI) and the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD). The type field used for NWI is "freshwater ponds" and NHD is "lake or pond." Ponds are key habitats for several target species (California red-legged frog, California tiger salamander, and Western/Northwestern pond turtle), so it is important to include a large number of ponds in the Conservation Lands Network. The absolute number of ponds in the Conservation Lands Network for each landscape unit is assumed to be a first-order determinant of potential metapopulation persistence. This dataset was created and used during the Amphibian, Reptile, and Invertebrate Project Team.This dataset was developed/compiled for use in the San Francisco Bay Area Upland Habitat Goals Project, a Project used to identify a Conservation Lands Network (CLN) for biodiversity preservation to inform conservation investments and lasting cooperative conservation partnerships. The Conservation Lands Network GIS Database is the primary output of the Project. The data depicts the spatially explicit CLN that is recommended for the nine county San Francisco Bay Area Region, California.
Bay Area Open Space Council
San Francisco Bay Area (Calif.), Alameda County (Calif.), Contra Costa County (Calif.), Marin County (Calif.), Napa County (Calif.), San Francisco County (Calif.), San Mateo County (Calif.), Santa Clara County (Calif.), Solano County (Calif.), and Sonoma County (Calif.)
Hydrography, Bodies of water, Ponds, Lakes, Environment, Inland Waters, and Location
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