Wheat, Potential Yield, 2000

This raster dataset represents a climate-defined potential yield (in tons per hectare) of wheat crops for the year 2000 compared to other farmers growing that crop in areas of similar climate. The potential yield in this case is the 95th percentile value of all current yields in a climate space. Spatial resolution: Five minute by five minute resolution (~10 km x 10 km at equator). Temporal resolution: Year 2000- based of average of census data between 1997-2003.EarthStat.org serves geographic data sets with the purpose of solving the grand challenge of feeding a growing global population while reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment. The data sets on EarthStat allow users to map the distribution of crops globally, analyze the impact of climate change on crop yields, understand the impacts of fertilizer and manure use and much more.
University of Minnesota. Institute on the Environment
Earth (Planet)
Wheat, Crop yields, Crops ans climate, Imagery and Base Maps, Farming, and Environment
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