Shice Shanghai Chengxiang Zujie Tu (Raster Image)

This layer is a georeferenced image of a map of Shanghai titled 'Shice Shanghai chengxiang zujie tu' (實測上海城廂租界圖 /Map of Shanghai walled city and foreign settlements). Originally published in 1910, this map shows the city walls, foreign settlements, and roads.Virtual Shanghai is a research and resource platform on the history of Shanghai from the mid-nineteenth century to nowadays. It incorporates various sets of documents: essays, original documents, photographs, maps, quantitative data, etc. The objective of the project is to write a history of the city through the combined mobilization of these various types of documents. The implementation of this approach relies on the use of digital and GIS technologies. On the research side, the platform offers various ways to step into the history of the city and follow its course at different levels over time. On the resource side, apart from providing original textual and visual documents, it develops a powerful cartographic tool for spatial analysis and real-time mapping. The authors of the present project subscribe to the idea of sharing scholarship and research tools for the benefit of scholars, students, and citizens at large.
Virtual Shanghai Project
Shanghai (China)
Roads, City walls, and Imagery and Base Maps
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