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Travel Monitoring Stations: United States, 2014

This point shapefile contains the locations of travel monitoring station sin the United States. The attributes for these databases have been intentionally limited to location referencing attributes since the core station description attribute data are contained within the Station Description Tables (SDT). There is a separate SDT for each of the station types. The attributes in the SDT correspond with the Station Description Record found in Chapter 6 of the latest Traffic Monitoring Guide. The SDT contains the most recent stations available for each state and station type. This table was derived from files provided UTCTR by FHWA. The SDT can be linked to the station shapefile via the STNNKEY field. Some stations were not located in the United States and were beyond available geographic extents causing display problems. These were moved to Latitude and Longitude 0,0. This is in recognition that the locations of these stations where in error, but were moved to a less obtusive area. This layer is part of the 2014 National Transportation Atlas Database.The National Transportation Atlas Databases 2014 (NTAD2014) is a set of nationwide geographic datasets of transportation facilities, transportation networks, associated infrastructure and other political and administrative entities. These datasets include spatial information for transportation modal networks and intermodal terminals, as well as the re┬Člated attribute information for these features. This data supports research, analysis, and decision-making across all transportation modes. It is most useful at the national level, but has major applications at regional, state and local scales throughout the transportation community. The data used to compile NTAD2014 was provided by our partners within the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and by other agencies throughout the United States Federal Government. These contributors are the actual data stewards and are ultimately responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of their data. Data from Automatic Traffic Recorder (ATR) stations is used in the Travel Volume Trends (TVT) system to process the continuous traffic volume data and produce the monthly TVT report. The Vehicle Travel Information System (VTRIS) is used to process the vehicle classification and truck weight data collected as part of the annual Truck Weight Study. Both are microcomputer database management systems that process, validate, summarize and maintain traffic data. TVT and VTRIS may be used by anyone and can be retrieved from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) web site at . The data included in the GIS Traffic Stations Version database has been collected by the FHWA from the State Department of Transportation. Location referencing information was derived from State Offices of Transportation The attributes on the point elements of the database are used by FHWA for its Travel Monitoring and Analysis System and by State DOTs.
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