International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean, 30 Arc-Second Resolution GeoTIFF (Version 3.0)

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This layer is a georeferenced raster image (GeoTIFF) of a digital bathymetric model (DBM) of the Arctic Ocean compiled with all multibeam, dense single beam, and land data added at a resolution of 30 x 30 arc seconds. This is a reprojected version (WGS84) of the 500 meter resolution data layer. The original (DBM) was compiled with all multibeam, dense single beam and land data added at 500 x 500 m resolution in a final step using the remove-restore method. Data were compiled from several multibeam cruises in the region dating from 1994 to 2011.The goal of this initiative is to develop a digital data base that contains all available bathymetric data north of 64° North, for use by mapmakers, researchers, institutions, and others whose work requires a detailed and accurate knowledge of the depth and the shape of the Arctic seabed.
National Geophysical Data Center
Arctic Ocean
Bathymetric maps, Multibeam mapping, Elevation, Imagery and Base Maps, and Oceans
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