Building Footprints: Sacramento County, California, 2015

This polygon shapefile depicts building footprints of structures along the Sacramento Regional Transit corridor in the County of Sacramento, California. This coverage includes areas within half a mile radius of Regional Transit stations and 1 block on either side of railways. A Building Footprint is the area of a building that falls directly beneath the building and shares the same perimeter as the building or the roofline, therefore indicating the location of a building or structure. Footprint data can be used to inform taxation, planning, public works and public safety processes.The Sacramento County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) unit falls under the purview of the Sacramento County Department of Technology and is tasked with initiating, integrating and promoting the use of GIS Technology in the support of County business goals and objectives. This coverage can be used for basic applications, such as viewing, querying and map output production, or to provide a base map to support graphical overlays and analyses of geospatial data.
Sacramento County GIS
Sacramento County (Calif.) and California
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