10-Meter Bathymetric Contours: Continental Shelf, California, 2001

This polyline shapefile was made from 75 original tiled Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) that were mosaicked into one grid and resampled to 200 meters. The mosaicked DEMs were produced by the Teale Data Center from a contract with the Department of Fish and Game, funded by the California Resources Agency. Using ArcInfo 8.1, 10 meter bathymetric contour line intervals were created out to 600 meters depth on the California coast.The purpose of this contour map is to visualize changes in ocean depths relative to sea level in the nearshore California continental shelf, which is the portion of the continent beneath the ocean’s surface. The bathymetric measurements used here refer to the study of water depths only and do not include the underwater, or submarine, topography of the ocean floor except as it relates to water depths. These data are not suitable for navigation purposes.
California. Department of Fish and Game. Marine Resources Region
California and Pacific Ocean
Coasts, Continental shelf, Contours (Cartography), Digital elevation models, Remote sensing, Bathymetric maps, Elevation, and Oceans
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