Time-Series Data on the Ocean and Great Lakes Economy for Counties, States, and the Nation, 2008 (Sector Level)

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This polygon shapefile contains time series data for the coastal regions of the Northeastern United States in 2008. This data product was created by combing the spatial information from the 2010 TIGER/Line county shapefiles from the U.S. Census Bureau and the Economics: National Ocean Watch (ENOW) tabular data from NOAA Costal Services Center. ENOW contains annual time-series data for 449 coastal counties, 30 coastal states, and the nation, derived from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. It describes six economic sectors that depend on the oceans and Great Lakes, and measures four economic indicators: Establishments, Employment, Wages, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).ENOW organizes economic data in ways that focus directly on economic activities that depend on the oceans and Great Lakes.
Coastal Services Center (U.S.)
Northeastern states, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York (State), and Rhode Island
Offshore oil and gas leases, Shipping, Tourism, Naval architecture, Fishing, Recreation, Shipbuilding industry, Dredging, Society, Transportation, Inland Waters, Economy, and Oceans
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