Trawl Blocks (Polygons): California, 2003

This polygon shapefile depicts a basic 10 minute grid created using the ARC/INFO generate fishnet command. The input coordinates were in decimal degrees and the resultant coverage was subsequently projected into Teale Albers. The coastline derived from the 1:100K hydrology was incorporated to the 10 minute grid. The trawl logbook developed by the Pacific Fishery Management Council, the States of Washington, Oregon, and California and the National Marine Fisheries Service was used as the reference. Many grids are therefore 30 minute x 30 minute or larger or are partial representations of a 10 minute grid. Islands, bays, deltas and estuarine waters that occurred in the 1:100K hydrology were included in the coverage. Any features not in fishable waters were given an ID of zero. All other features correspond to the ID shown in the Trawl Logbook. The field containing the ID is called block10-id.This coverage can be used to support the following activities: Determining management needs (research, regulations, etc.). Project planning and management. Assessing effects of proposed projects or development on resources. Allocating personnel or patrol effort. Communicating resource information to third parties. Organizing of aquatic habitat information.
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California and Pacific Ocean
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