RIF Grantee Areas, 2014

This polygon shapefile is derived from Rural Innovation Fund (RIF) Grantee submissions that were either described in detail in their applications by providing census tract or block level data or block level extractions from Grantees that utilized the HUDUser.org mapping tool. Each Grantee was allowed up to three target area locations according to the RIF NOFA. Some Grantee locations serve the same target areas so the map layer does include some overlapping boundaries. Data Current As Of: 12/03/2014This layer is intended for researchers, students, policy makers, and the general public for reference and mapping purposes, and may be used for basic applications such as viewing, querying, and map output production. This layer will provide a basemap for layers related to socio-political analysis, statistical enumeration and analysis, or to support graphical overlays and analysis with other spatial data. More advanced user applications may focus on demographics, urban and rural land use planning, socio-economic analysis and related areas (including defining boundaries, managing assets and facilities, integrating attribute databases with geographic features, spatial analysis, and presentation output.)
United States. Department of Housing and Urban Development
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Grants-in-aid, Rural development, Boundaries, and Society
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