China County Map with 2010 Population Census Comparation Data from Long Form Data

This polygon shapefile represents the boundaries of counties in China with 2010 Population Census Long Form data. Two types of questionnaires (long form and short form) were used for the 2010 population census. The short form contains items that reflect the basic situation of the population, while the long form includes all short form items plus other items such as migration, education, economic activities, marriage and family, fertility , housing , etc. According to the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the households for the Long Form survey were selected by a random sampling program. The data included in these maps are from 100% Short Form survey (A variables) and 10% Long Form survey (L variables). Reference time for the Census is: 00:00AM, November 1, 2010. The 2010 Census covered all 2,872 counties, districts and autonomous regions of Mainland China and includes all persons who hold the nationality of, and have permanent residing place in the People's Republic of China. During the census, each person was enumerated in his/her permanent residing place. The GIS data is based on the national digital map (1:1 million) developed by the National Geographic Information Center of China (NGCC), including rives, roads, residential area and administrative boundaries. This layer is part of the China 2010 county population census dataset.The 2010 China county maps are developed for matching 2010 China population Census data, which should only be used as references for research or education instead of used as official maps.
Beijing Hua tong ren shi chang xin xi you xian ze ren gong si
Administrative and political divisions, Counties, Population, Sex ratio, Housing, Labor supply, Boundaries, and Society
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