Damage Assessment in the towns of Tepapayeca & Santa Catarina Coatepec, Municipality of Tlapanala, State of Puebla

This map illustrates satellite-detected, potentially damaged structures in the towns of Tepapayeca and Santa Catarina Coatepec, Tlapanala Municipality, Puebla State, Mexico. The analyzed area is located approximately 15 km North of the mainshock epicentre of the 19 September 2017 M7.1 earthquake. UNITAR-UNOSAT identified 197 potentially damaged structures, from which 122 are in Tepapayeca and 39 in Santa Catarina Coatepec town limits.The analysis was performed using a post-event Pleiades satellite image acquired on 22 September 2017 and a pre-event Bing basemap.This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. It is important to consider the characteristics of the source imagery used in the analyses when interpreting results. For damage assessments it should be noted that only significant damage to the structural integrity of the buildings analyzed can be seen in imagery, while minor damage such as cracks or holes may not be visible at all. For flood extractions using radar data it is important to note that urban areas and highly vegetated areas may mask the flood signature and result in underestimation of flood waters. Users with specific questions or concerns should contact unosat@unitar.org to seek clarification.
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