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41. Rivers of the Punjab, to illustrate General R. Maclagan's paper

Includes Indus River and its tributaries. Southern limit of hills shown by dotted line. From: Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and mon... London : Edward Stanford, 1885.

42. The Heri-Rud & Murghab Rivers and intermediate territory from Merv to Herat : compiled from the survey by the officers of the Afghan Boundary Commission and members of the Russian Military Topographical Department

Sharbau, H. (Henry). Includes mountains, rivers, lakes, deserts, roads, and settlements. Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Forts, ruins, mountain passes, and a... London : Edward Stanford, 1885.

43. Map showing the route from Assam over the Patkoi Range into Hookoong, to illustrate the paper by H. L. Jenkins, Esqre

Outward route of expedition, from Jeypore on Booree Dehing [Dihing] River, shown in red. Homeward route shown in green. Extent of navigability alon... London : John Murray, 1871.

44. Map showing routes of native explorers in Tibet and Nepal to illustrate the papers by Mr. Markham, & Lieut. Colonel T. G. Montgomerie

Montgomerie, T. G. (Thomas George). Relief shown by hachures and spot heights. Includes inset: Continuation of map north-west of Gartokh from the Pundit's journey of 1867. Tarjams (po... London : John Murray, 1875.

45. Map showing the proposed overland trade routes from India & British Burmah to China to accompany the paper by J. Coryton Esqre

Routes of French expedition, Cooper 1868, Cooper 1870, Sladen 1868, Sprye route, route of McLeod, and Coryton's and Hay's proposed routes are shown... London : John Murray, 1875.

46. Sketch map of a portion of the march of the Tal-Chótiáli Field Force from Kandahar to India in the spring of 1879 compiled from personal observation and from information obtained by Lieut. R. C. Temple B.S.C.

Turner, W. J. (William John). Routes of the second column to which Lieut. Temple was attached, of excursions made by Lieut. Temple, and of the first and third columns are shown.... London : John Murray, 1879.

47. Map of the Andaman Islands, illustrating the distribution of the tribes to accompany the paper by E. H. Man Esqre. & Lieutt. R. C. Temple

Man, Edward Horace, 1846-1929. Colored to show distribution of tribes. Andamanese names of tribes are given. Includes explanation of tribal names, locations, and linguistic obser... London : John Murray, 1880.

48. Map of India shewing the lines of railways, telegraphs, inland navigation and dawk routes

Map shows color coded: British Territory, native tributary and protected states, and independent states. London : John Murray, 1901.

49. World gas map

Petroleum Economist Cartographic (Firm). Relief shown by gradient tints. Depths shown by gradient tints. Includes tables showing gas reserves and production by country and by region for 20... London : Petroleum Economist Ltd., 2003.

50. Oil & gas map of the Eastern Hemisphere

Petroleum Economist Cartographic (Firm). Shows oil/natural-gas fields, pipelines (existing and planned), processing plants, storage facilities, LNG facilities, tanker terminals, and refine... London : Petroleum Economist Ltd., 2005.